Evercise App


By reviewing their analytics, Evercise found that more than 50% of their traffic was mobile and the majority of that was coming from Android devices.

Knowing their target market and Android's flexibility we were asked to rollout a proof of concept app. We took time to look at the current pain points mobile users may face while using the mobile responsive site and how we could get users doing what they wanted as simply and quickly as possible.

By revamping the flow solely around this tighter mobile interaction would profoundly change the user journey and experience found on the responsive site, but would give them something uniquely designed and built for their ease of use.

Evercise Detail Screen

Using the Material Design guidelines, we altered the existing Evercise designs to take into consideration user expectation when using native devices. With the introduction of floating action buttons, seamless interactions and transitions to show state and focus changes.

Evercise Details Screen Transitioned to Adding Tickets

Bringing the users goal to the forefront and making it possible for them to be achieved with as little friction as possible was so important not just to the user but to Evercise as a business. We feel we made good use of pinpointing user pain in this app and removed obstacles not usually thought of when creating seamless user experiences.