How many of us know we should go to the gym or work out at least a few times a week? Sound like you? Us too! Well fear not kids, Evercise is here. A website that offers classes in gyms anywhere you are for anything you want to do, membership free. Working directly with partners and gyms, Evercise aim to make us all fitter, happier people with their simple pay as you go model.

Evercise Explore Page (Map View)

Evercise had a very unique problem. A company, a site that worked, but no styling. We worked with them to improve overall design across their site and to improve usability and functionality. Recreating flows and funnels to direct the user to complete the tasks important to both them and Evercise. We designed the site to be super simple to use and as informative as you want it with different views based on the type of user you are.

Evercise Details Page

As the site was based on trainer content creation, it was important to us to show them in the best possible light and to give users confidence in the classes they where viewing and the choice in class they made. To do this we gave the user an overview of the class, showed an image of the trainer, their company, and where they where located.