OnTheMarket Apps

iOS and Android

OnTheMarket.com are aiming to provide a multi-platform experience for its users. Knowing their users aren't always in front of a computer, they worked with us and our partners TechHuddle to create this experience in the form of iOS and Android mobile apps.

The experience had to be true to the site but conform to the use case of being mobile. Requiring the apps to be quick, efficient and very simple to use.

OnTheMarket.com Results Screen (iOS left / Android Right)

We worked on creating experiences not only for mobile but also the platform on which they were to be used, something that seems natural on iOS can sometimes feel alien when using Android. Not only the contextual styles of how navigation and menus differ, as do visual language.

OnTheMarket.com Details Screen (Android - Phone)

We focussed on creating the best possible experience for each platform then a break down by device. With Android, we where at a tipping point in terms of design and OS, as the release of Lollipop loomed. We decided that the best experience would be a Material Design experience, Google's latest design guidelines.

OnTheMarket.com Details (iOS - iPad)

With iOS we presented the user the same intuitive layout. Where options for Android are hidden in contextual menus and drop downs, with iOS we used the breadth of the navigation bar and its visual dominance to pull, but not distract users attention to the functionality and actions they could perform.