Splittable App

iOS & Android

Having worked with Splittable on their website, they wanted us to expand their concept by creating an accompanying app for iOS and Android.

Utilising our knowledge of their product, we set about reevaluating our existing designs. With the goal of making the houseshare process as simple as possible, while accommodating a smaller screen and all the problems these devices bring, such as attention spans for inputting content, are short and the process can be tedious.

Splittable Mobile Timeline Screen

We moved the interaction to simple taps and swipes rather than continuous keyboard interaction, which on mobile devices (unless texting a loved one) can be laborious and not much fun.

Splittable Mobile Add Cost Screen

Using the same visual style and colour language, we created dedicated and focused screens that brought the users attention right to the task at hand, but also allowed them to delve deeper into the app and to discover the other functions it has.