Splittable App Redesign

iOS Apps

Building on the success of our previous work with Splittable, we were invited to design an all new app, putting their users needs at the forefront of the experience.

We took an abstract approach to the design of this product. We realised the app didn’t have to be that big in terms of screens for the user to navigate or for the tasks to be achieved.

Splittable Mobile History Screen

With an all new architecture and set of flows, streamlined with usability as the key driver we went against convention and removed the tab and nav bars. In its place is a hybrid navigation, contextually designed for the task at hand.

Having done this, we needed to create a new interaction paradigm that would align with the usability and draw attention to changes in state and context.

Splittable Mobile Bill Details Screen

We created a clickable prototype using marvel to test flows against users, then used the feedback to refine the flows based on expectation and overall usability.

To bring the app to life we created a set of interactive prototypes using Facebooks Origami plugin for Quartz Composer. This would enable us to create refined, high fidelity interactions and show the development team our vision for the product.

The result is a slimmed, lean, user centric experience, created to drive engagement, built on simplicity.

Nick Katz

CEO - Splittable

The We Draw Pictures team have helped us take our Splittable iOS app to the next level. It’s been an unbelievable journey and a complete pleasure working with them and we can see from the feedback of our customers, team and investors that their work has been appreciated - everyone is loving Splittable!

We look forward to seeing what the future holds with what we consider to be, the best design agency in London.