Currently living with others in a houseshare? Always complaining about a house mate who owes you money but never pays you back, or one who conveniently forgets exactly how much they owe?

Then look no further, the guys from Splittable have the solution. A brand new bill splitting product to allow you to keep track of all the costs associated with your houseshare and housemates.

Track costs, payments and upcoming recurring bills and see who owes what using the “All Squared Meter”.

Splittable Timeline Page (horizontal and back to front)

Splittable came to us with a unique opportunity to redesign their site and to work with them to create a set of apps. We looked at their existing site and stripped away all the noise to leave a very direct, simple to use and unobtrusive design.

Splittable Add Cost Page

We created a colour code around costs, payments and recurring bills the housemates would interact with, building a distinct and identifiable language using colour, spacing and hierarchy.